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High-speed and smooth supply of work to the press stroke of the press machine.
 (Ex. Automotive bodies, chassis for home electronic appliances)

A feeder consists of the clamp lift, and seed. It grabs the work in each stroke and transfers it to the next station. See below for the operational details. Locations where each axis starts and ends its operation can be set to optional locations by the touch panel in accordance with the press position (angle). Test operation is available without an actual press operation by a signal from the built-in simulation pulse circuit.

Example of Cycle Time

50SPM when:
X (feed) 300mm
Y (clamp) 140mm
Z (lift) 70mm

Smooth Movement - Significantly smoother movement with the synchronous phase control functions.
Substantial Reduction in Tooling Change Time - Time for tooling change can be drastically reduced by setting the operating point by the touch panel.

Motion Control Systems 


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