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Haga Electric Ltd. recognizes conservation of the global environment as the most important issue common to all humankind, and it is the basic idea that we conduct corporate activities and contribute to society through the offering of the eco-friendly products to visitors.

Our company strives for expanded activity as the engineering trading company which sells electric equipment, machine equipment, air-conditioning equipment, etc. Also, we accurately understand the environmental consequences, and we aim to observe laws and ordinances and reduce the effects on the environment as much as possible. Therefore, the environmental management system is practiced based on the following policies.

We observe the requirements of the regulation of the environment-related law and others. In addition, we conduct environmental conservation activities, and strive to sale of the environmental good products, and seek continual improvement of environmental management system.

We consider the purchase of eco-friendly products and promote green procurement.

We strive for energy-saving, resource saving, and proper disposal of industrial waste, and prevention of contamination, and promote prevention of global warming.

We promote to unify the management of the document by office activity and operating activity, and to classify the documents according to every section, and to reduce the kind and quantity of documents as a target.

We set the environmental aims and objectives, and strive for maintenance of environmental conservation activities, and improvement. Also, we improve the environmental aims and objectives periodically, and these are reformed if needed.

About the measure of environmental preservation, the general public enables acquisition and an indication.

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