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Our management philosophy pursuing a visitor, maker, the happiness of the employee, in other words

"It is useful for the customer". 

This mind is inherited since the establishment of a business ceaselessly throughout. 

We practiced that they suggested a feeling, the most suitable system and supported the thought of the maker to hear the voice of the customer to realize this idea. 

Present, we which business globalizes have a base outside the country and develop engineering business and provide the original solution that it is not possible for of the imitation in the other companies as a global technical trading company with the maker function. 

We suggest the automatic system of robot, and the robot cell system (SMART CELL FACTORY)
to eliminate a labor shortage, also we concentrate on the environmental products,
so we positively undertake the suggestion, selling and installation of the energy saved air conditioning, LED light, and so on.

This is useful for the customer from now on in a motto
We will aim at the global mechatronics technique trading company which we use of the customer, and can be pleased to provide the most suitable product, the best service. There is a talented person realizing it in us. Through the close communication with them, we will suggest it to a customer.

President Kiyoshi Haga

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